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The "ROCKET" Process


We start by analyzing 1,500 chart patterns weekly with the goal of locating emerging sectors, stocks, and/or general market directions. After we identify sectors and the stocks within those sectors that meet our technical screen, we utilize fundamental analysis to determine the best individual stocks to own. We call the totality of this endeavor the ROCKET process, which is outlined below:

      Rapid revenue and earnings growth
      Obvious leader in its category
      Competitive edge within its sector
      Keep it small  greater upside potential
      Economic effects of supply/demand
      Technical analysis to decide timing


We then compare favorable stocks to our two Watch List of 80 stocks.  The final step in our methodology is executed by constantly monitoring the "Watch List," both technically and fundamentally, to see if any of those stocks should be added to the portfolio as a new position or as a replacement for a current holding. The end product results in a portfolio of 20-30 rapidly growing small companies that are diversified across all 11 sectors of the U.S. economy.

Learn more about our process that we have diligently adhered to since our firm's inception in this 2004 "Between the Lines" article from Twin Cities Business Monthly.

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